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A Video Of A Woman Apparently Being Arrested For Sitting On A Bench Was staged-managed By Anti-lockdown Protesters Dorset Police Said

A video of a woman apparently being arrested for sitting on a bench was 'staged-managed' by anti-lockdown protesters, Dorset Police said.
Footage, which has been shared widely online, shows three police officers surrounding a woman in Bournemouth for allegedly leaving her house more than once in a day.
The clip then shows a woman being handcuffed and led away by officers as she repeatedly tells them: 'I was sitting on a bench'.  
But police believe the video was 'planned, stage-managed and recorded' by members of an anti-lockdown protest group who were present in the town on Saturday.
The force said three people were arrested following the demonstrations, after refusing to give their details to officers who attempted to issue them with fines for breaching coronavirus regulations.
Dorset Police's Assistant Chief Constable Mark Callaghan said: 'We believe this video was planned, stage-managed and recorded by members of the protest group who turned up in multiple areas, several of whom refused to engage and provide their details.
In other developments:
Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the rollout of two million fast-result 'lateral flow' tests for anyone in England who needs to leave their home for work, in a bid to identify the estimated one in three asymptomatic 'silent spreaders';Downing Street is expected to delay local elections from May until the autumn because of the disruption caused by the pandemic;An expert study concluded there is no clear evidence that closing schools can reduce the spread of coronavirus, despite the Government's claim on Tuesday that it had no choice but to shut the education system down;Some state school heads were revealed to be blocking live online lessons on the grounds that it was an invasion of teachers' privacy, as Tory MPs called on Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to emulate Margaret Thatcher's tough approach to striking miners in the 1980s in dealing with militant teaching unions;Scientists advising the Government claimed that lockdown measures in England need to be more strict - with some calling for 'Asian-style' curbs - as current rules were 'still allowing a lot of activity which is spreading the virus'. Footage emerged showing three police officers surrounding a woman for allegedly leaving her house more than once in a day (left).

Another four officers appear to arrest a different woman for what she claims was 'sitting on a bench' on the seafront in Bournemouth (right)

'If people refuse to give their details in such circumstances then it leaves officers with little option but to arrest until the details are established.
'Our officers would only arrest as a last resort.'
Two of those detained were later 'de-arrested' after supplying officers with their details and were subsequently fined, police said.
A third person was also released and fined after their details were verified in custody.
The force said at least seven fixed penalty notices were issued to those who breached lockdown rules on the day.
But police believe the clip (pictured) was 'planned, stage-managed and recorded' by members of an anti-lockdown protest group who were present in the town on Saturday
Police made repeated attempts to contact the protest organisers to request that it did not go ahead, but were unsuccessful, Mr Callaghan said.
'It was clear that the group were deliberately organising their activities, walking around in twos and then trying to come together in a 'flash mob' style approach, as they have done previously,' he said in a statement.
'This activity went on for a couple of hours.'
Some of the protesters were found to have remained in the area for a 'prolonged period of time', despite being warned by police.
Mr Callaghan said some of those taking part had also travelled 'considerably' from outside the Dorset area.
The woman - wearing glasses and a long red coat - says: 'I was sitting on a bench.

I was sitting on a bench' as she is cuffed by officers
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In the clip, one woman was surrounded by three police who claimed she had left her house more than once.
The woman - who is joined by an elderly man - bursts into tears as the police interrogate her over the alleged lockdown violation. 
One officer tells the first woman: 'At the moment you're allowed out for exercise once a day.
'You've been filmed today in the town centre and around here and walking up and down.'
Four officers lead her away in handcuffs (pictured) while other pedestrians ask why they feel it is necessary
Another officer shows her the rules she was said to have broken on a mobile phone but she interrupts when she hears the words 'anti-social manner'.
She asks: 'Am I acting in an anti-social manner.' The man with her asks: 'What's anti-social.'
The officer, who was wearing a face covering, continues but the woman starts crying and wipes her eyes.
She says: 'How have I acted anti-socially, I was sat on a bench having a cup of coffee, that is not anti-social.'
The policewoman says 'you're acting anti-social now', to which the woman replies: 'Well yes, you're provoking me.'
They continue to argue and the woman refuses to give the officer her details when asked.
Meanwhile the cameraman walks over to another part of the promenade where a woman is being put into handcuffs.
The filmer asks: 'What's going on, why are you putting her hands behind her back?

What are you doing?'
The woman - wearing glasses and a long red coat - says: 'I was sitting on a bench.

I was sitting on a bench.'
Four officers lead her away in handcuffs while other pedestrians ask why they feel it is necessary.
The footage comes to an end as the second woman is led to a police van while the first continues to bicker with the police.
Dorset Police has been approached for comment.
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  So much for staying at home! Crowds of people head to beaches and town centres despite Boris Johnson begging families to stay at home as Covid deaths hit 563 - the deadliest Sunday in eight monthsBy David Wilcock, Whitehall Correspondent and James Gant and Isabella Nikolic For Mailonline
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Weekend walkers were spotted strolling along a packed Tynemouth Longsands beach in North Tyneside this afternoon, leaving carparks full to the brim.
New Government guidelines dictate that daily exercise must be taken in one's local area - but it is unclear how far today's visitors came for a welcome breath of fresh air. 
In Liverpool, football fans packed together behind barriers to catch a glimpse of the players heading into the Marine AFC v Tottenham Hotspur match today. 
None of the crowd were socially distanced, despite police officers watching on. 
And Dovestones Reservoir in Oldham was 'swamped' with visitors, leaving drivers forced to park on the double yellow lines landing them with fines.
Photos shared to social media showed a traffic officer slapping yellow notices on a number of cars parked on the side of the road.
And in London masses of people were seen taking to Hampstead high street. 
Long queues of people wrapped up warm were seen coming from food stalls and cafes in the area.
Meanwhile in Derbyshire, mountain rescue had to save a group of plane-crash enthusiasts who got stuck in deep snow on a five-hour walk.
The group - all from Manchester - broke lockdown to hunt for the B-29 crash site in Bleaklow Moor when one member became too tired to carry on.
And in Prestatyn, Wales, police stopped a learner driver who'd driven an uninsured car 60 miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, to go to the beach in North Wales.  
<div class="art-ins mol-factbox news floatRHS" data-version="2" id="mol-9e9eb4a0-538c-11eb-a45a-c1007cb0aae3" website of woman 'arrested for sitting on a bench' was 'STAGE-MANAGED'