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Edit your Workshop & Subtheme(s)

Find your Workspace

If you haven't done it by yourself, we have already prepared your workshop proposal based on the information given at Please browse to Workshops and find yours within your key policy area.

Get to know Visual Editor

This screencast introduces on how to use the Visual Editor at IGF Wiki.

What you get to know

  • How to write and set the style of your text
  • How to set headlines and how it influences the table of content
  • How to comment on your article for internal usage
  • How to link text to external websites and internal wiki pages
  • How to insert pictures, videos, templates and table

Discover your Subtheme(s)

This screenplay introduces on how to find and edit your workshop related subthemes

What you will get to know

  • Find your already created workshop proposal page
  • Get familiar with the template
  • Make this template editable for you and your team

Get started!

In case you have any questions with regard to find and prepare your workshop & your subthemes, please contact us via e-mail at using "IGF 2019 - Onboarding" as a topic description.