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Media Hub: Reporting from the IGF

Welcome to the IGF 2019 Media Hub

During the IGF 2019 several organisations and initiatives will report from different sessions. This page offers you a general overview about them. At the same time the wiki serves as a platform for the produced content to be presented and shared.

During the IGF this page will change from day to day presenting you always the best stories and reports. Until then it's a static page.

Follow this link if you want to contribute yourself to the wiki!

Where do I find what?

The Media Hub is divided in thematic categories following the structure of the IGF. Within each thematic sub-categorie you find core Questions, statements, videos and further resources. Further there is an overview of all sessions that are related to the topic and the available reports of sessions that already took place.

If you are looking for a report from a specific session we recommend to directly search on the website of DIPLO or use the search function of this Wiki.

Code of Conduct

This Media Hub is an open place that lives from the contributions of the community. To ensure that this place serves it's purpose as a reliable and credible source of information during the IGF all editors promise to follow the following code of conduct:

  • When you share or link to your own texts, videos or other media, make sure that those resources are thematically aligned, accurate, and of high quality.
  • Show accountability to your resources by listing them under your name /organization.
  • If you share other people's or organizations' resources, credit the source.
  • Respect the structure of the Media Hub, edit accordingly, and do not alter resources other than your own.

If one or several parts of this code of conduct are violated, your editing rights will be limited by the Admin Team.

Who is reporting from the IGF?

If you are a citizen reporter, a participant who publishes on internet governance, blogger, journalist, or part of an organization reporting from the Internet Governance Forum 2019 in Berlin, consider this your space as well. You can add yourself to the chart below, or just share your articles, videos etc. for wider reach in the segment News Corner.

HMKW Berlin

The University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management Berlin is a private, state-approved university with institutional accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities. HMKW will report from selected sessions. A team of master students will be onside and produce a diverse set of media content.


Diplo Foundation

DiploFoundation is a non-profit foundation established by the governments of Malta and Switzerland. Diplo works to increase the role of small and developing states, and to improve global governance and international policy development. In cooperation with the German government they have a team of trained rapporteurs at the IGF.


Imagining the Internet (Elon University)

The Imagining the Internet Center’s mission is to explore and provide insights into emerging network innovations, global development, dynamics, diffusion and governance. Its research holds a mirror to humanity’s use of communications technologies, informs policy development, exposes potential futures and provides a historic record. It works to illuminate issues in order to serve the greater good, making its work public, free and open.