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Next Generation Internet Governance

Based on the ideas put forward in the book "Towards a Global Framework for CyberPeace and Digital Cooperation: An Agenda for the 2020s" stakeholders from across the globe and from civil society, private sector and public sector are deliberating and bootstrapping on an equal footing how to create #NextGenIG.

Learn all about the initiative.

The IGF 2019 in Berlin is an ideal starting point for discussions on #NextGenIG with a view towards the 75th Anniversary of the UN (UNGA in 2020) and WSIS+20 possibly becoming a major Internet Governance event in 2025.

We are inviting you to join us at the book launch event on Day 0 of the IGF, Monday 25 November, 9-9.45, Raum II, Estrel Berlin. to deliberate with authors of the book about future-proofing norms, developing tailored and smart policies, the institutional framework and evolution of the IGF in light of a growth in topics (e.g. Internet of Things) and game-changers like AI. The answers need to be as convincing as the challenges are great: realizing a rights-based, sustainable next-generation internet governance regime through adaptive and tailored governance approaches. Let us start working on them together.

It’s time to establish a multi-pronged approach for a #NextGenIG in the 2020s to harness the Internet’s energy. Our approach is to explore and define desirable properties and elements of good internet Governance for example around: responsible stewardship, accountability, inclusiveness and norm-generation, allowing outside solutions but importing them into the process and thus keeping a firm hand on the fragmentation of Internet policy-making.

If you are interested to participate and contribute to #NextGenIG you can: join the conversation around the hashtag #NextGenIG and we are also planning to organize workshops as well as off- and on-line events to evolve the movement both in terms of substantive proposals and implementation.