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Welcome to the IGF Wiki of the Internet Governance Forum 2019.

The purpose of this site is to provide a better IGF experience. Our aim is to help you prepare for the IGF and to provide a thematic cohesion among the various sessions. We want to ensure a broad, engaging and enjoyable participation in the IGF process to stakeholders who might not yet have experienced the complexity of the forum. We want to improve on the current way people initially learn about, enter and participate in the discussions and work sessions by exploring and piloting new possibilities.

To do this, we invite you to join us to contribute to the IGF wiki & our approved day 0 event experience: In summary, we‘d love you to join the IGF (wiki) community by

  • Preparing a wiki page for your workshop to allow your contributors, speakers and co-organizers to plan and prepare for a good flow and outcome
  • Collaborating with other workshop organizers and the community to agree on definitions as well as analysis of the challenges, opportunities, options and trade offs in your area of interest.
  • Contributing to pages on Data Governance, Digital Inclusion and Cybersecurity to allow for more cohesion across workshops in those areas
  • Helping to prepare Media Briefings for your workshop and your topics. We are working with professors, students and media experts to gather information and quotes.

IGF Wiki Core Team

Carsten Schiefner, Ahmet Emre Acar, Felix Hanke IGF Wiki Operations
Elisabeth Schauermann, David Krystof, Daniel Krupka German Informatics Society
Matthias C. Kettemann, Katharina Mosene, Browen Deacon Leibniz Institute for Media Research, Hamburg, and HIIG
Max Senges Google, Stanford CDD
Jost Listemann, Markus Ziener, Felix von Stutterheim University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management

IGF Wiki Partners

Wolfgang Kleinwächter.jpg Carolyn Nguyen.jpg Chris Painter.jpg Jaume-Palasi.jpg William Drake.jpg
Wolfgang Kleinwächter Carolyn Nguyen Christopher Painter Lorena Jaume Palasi William J. Drake
GCSC Microsoft Stanford CISAC, GCSC The Ethical Tech Society University of Zurich
Nnenna k.jpg P Grabensee.png Manal Ismail.jpg Peter Micek2.jpg Michael Daniel.jpg
Nnenna Nwakanma Philipp Grabensee Mana Ismail Peter Micek Michael Daniel
World Wide Web Foundation Afilias Ltd, The DNA NTRA of Egypt Access Now, Columbia-SIPA Cyber Threat Alliance
XU, Peixi.jpg Michael J. Oghia.jpg Hartmut Glaser.jpg
Peixi Xu Michael J. Oghia Hartmut Glaser
University of China GFMD

Join the Community

Why shall you join the IGF community?

  1. Get inspiration for your workshop concept: ideas for new formats 🌟
  2. Feedback to your workshop concept before you do it ✍️
  3. Gaining a visible profile and reputation in the internet governance space 🤝

Get Involved

All content on this site is created by community members who volunteered their expertise to build this for you. You can get involved as well.

  1. Send us an e-mail at
  2. You will receive an invitation via e-mail to set up your account on the IGF wiki.
  3. Log in and visit then Onboarding Wiki on the right sidebar to get a basic overview of the IGF members area canvas.
  4. In case you are a workshop organizer, please visit "Edit your Workshop & Subthemes" to get an introduction on how to find and edit your workshop proposal on the IGF Wiki platform.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out by sending an e-mail at

You can also join our pre-event session to discuss the development of this community. Check out the IGF schedule for our slot.

Key Policy Areas 2019

The following policy areas will be the focus on the Internet Government Forum 2019 in Berlin

Data Governance
Digital Inclusion
Security, Safety, Stability & Resilience

Important Links


About this project

How might we redesign the onboarding experience for new participants at the IGF?

We want to do this by applying a user-centred, design-oriented approach to the overall onboarding process. Participants can use this site to:

  • obtain information on the forum and its structure
  • receive helpful basic knowledge on current subthemes and the debate history
  • gain an overview of relevant positions and their tradeoffs
  • learn about and contribute to the content of individual workshops
  • help IGF organizers to orchestrate the experience
  • bring coherence and synergy to the IGF across the various formats and experiences
  • produce a better flow, quality and impact for each workshop
  • join to move forward the IGF as an institution

To do this, we want to include the perspectives and technical knowledge of experts at BSI, CCC and other relevant groups and organisations, the experiences of past participants and the expectations of current first-time attendees. We expect the outcome to be an improved and enhanced onboarding experience, including a redesign and enrichment of existing media, such as articles on Wikipedia; online training including video interviews with experts, as well as a digital guide to the forum.